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ioplong Bio and personal news

Real name : Andreas Schnetzler
Location : Basel, Switzerland
Bio : ioplong Plugins are inspired by Music making. Most new ideas come unexpected in the middle of the night, and are thought out in detail whilest waiting for the Tram. ioplong tools are accident-friendly and i think you can get the most fun out of them in 'not so linear' vst hosts like Audiomulch, Plogue Bidule, or Ableton Live. Ah yes, and i spend too much time in front of the computer too.
Birthdate : 1974-06-05

News :: ioplong Slifty

ioplong Slifty is a step-sequenced Vst sampler plugin! Get it here!

- ioplong, January 8th 2004 (07:40:09)

News :: ioplong releases splonki v1.0!

new hostsynced and midicontrollable slice and reorder plugy! get it here!

- ioplong, September 29th 2003 (09:09:50)

News :: Andreas releases Resolator V1.0 !

A new multi-bandpass-delay resonator thingie!
Donationware, pc only for now..
Download it here!

- ioplong, July 11th 2003 (09:57:33)

News :: Andreas releases FlitchSplifter V1.0

A dynamic buffer freezer fx-plugin, that can also be played via midi notes!

FlitchSplifter is donationware. This means if you use and like the plugin, you are kindly asked to make a donation. You are free to decide how much. There is alot of work behind making plugins, and some of it isnt fun at all, so this would be much appreciated!

Download FlitchSplifter

- ioplong, June 14th 2003 (05:13:38)