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Bram Bio and personal news

Real name : Bram de Jong
Location : Belgium
Bio : I've been a student for longer than my memory goes back. Started Smartelectronix a few years back, and it kinda exploded into this plugin-madness-thing. If you're a musician, check, another project by yours truely!

If you really insist, you can read an interview with me here:


Birthdate : 1978-06-21

News :: SupaTrigga and CrazyIvan AU versions!

Sophia has just sent me the AU versions of SupaTrigga AND CrazyIvan....
What can I say, she rules...
Go fetch here

- Bram, August 22nd 2006 (08:49:22)

News :: SupaPhaser 3.0 Mac OSX VST

Sophia just sent me the Mac OS X VST version of SupaPhaser 3.0. If you're a mac-head, get it here

- Bram, August 22nd 2006 (08:47:09)

News :: The Freesound Project

This is quite non-smex related, but I wanted to let you all know about the project I'm working on in Spain - as it's very related to music and music-making. is a website for exchanging creative-commons audio material. Have a look at it, let me know if you like it, upload sounds, etc etc... If you're into sound-design, I think you might like it!

(here end the personal message from Bram!)

- Bram, April 5th 2005 (06:47:08)

News :: Audio Unit versions of s(M)exoscope and Bouncy

Adrian from apulSoft built Audio Unit versions of s(M)exoscope and Bouncy... Go grab'm.

- Bram, January 11th 2005 (05:39:35)

News :: Cyanide 2.0 Audio Units + Other Updates

Adrian just can't stop. just ported Cyanide 2.0 to audio units. He also updated the SupaPhaser and Madshifta, so if you had trouble with them before, get them from:

- Bram, November 13th 2004 (01:40:23)

News :: MadShifta Audio Units version!

Cool! Adrian from apulshoft just contacted me to say he ported MadShifta to audio units, GUI and everything. All you mac-people go grab it here:

- Bram, October 20th 2004 (05:43:30)

News :: SupaPhaser Audio Unit Version!

Adrian from did it again, but this time he AU'ed SupaPhaser 3.0. The guy rules (and so does his VST=>AU technology). All you mac-people go grab it here:

- Bram, October 20th 2004 (05:43:16)

News :: Bram moves to Barcelona, help!

Hello Smex-lover,

A weird and very personal news-item for you....

A kick-ass combination of cute girl, love and interesting job have made me decide to go live and work in Barcelona for the next 13 months. Starting September another software developer and me start a job at MTG, a leading audio research devision of UPF in Barcelona.

Now, you wonder, why do we need your help? Well, I'm looking for people living in Barcelona who can help us / me discover the deepest digital audio secrets of Barcelona. Do you know a cool pub in Barcelona where they play glitches and bleeps? Electro? Intelligent Beats? Whatever You Wanna Call It? Please, please, let me know!! The same goes if you make music yourself and would like to geek out.

For those worrying about the fate of Smartelectronix: don't worry. My job ("community building" related) is 4 days / week, one day will be spent on Smartelectronix!

- Bram, August 15th 2004 (05:15:31)

News :: Vacation time at Smex

Looks like a lot of people at are going on a holiday.

Remy is gone, Tom from Destroy FX is somewhere in Finland, Koen is in Vietnam, and sheesh, I'll be going to France and Spain quite soon... So, if you mail us don't expect an answer TOO quickly ;)


- Bram, July 17th 2004 (10:50:46)

News :: RSS Feed

Just added an RSS feed to Smartelectronix... (RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication and is a site news summary protocol, an XML format for distributing news headlines on the Web.)
For readers see here

The feed updates itself approximatly once every hour. See the link in the menu on the left!

- Bram, July 1st 2004 (07:37:56)

News :: SupaPhaser 3.0

Long awaited, finaly here: SupaPhaser has gotten the attention it badly needed. A new GUI by Sean, some DSP tweaks and some nice presets in v3.0. Yay!

Mac people will have to wait a bit (a week or 2)...

- Bram, April 3rd 2004 (06:42:00)

News :: S(m)exoscope gets an update

New version of the s(m)exoscope...
Windows only for now, mac later...

  • DC-Killer now defaults to OFF [Ross Bencina]
  • changed the way the trigger works ("<" to "<=" etc...) [Ross Bencina]
  • XY-cross with value readouts on left-click

- Bram, April 3rd 2004 (06:37:56)

News :: Anechoic Room Simulator

OMG, Smartelectronix has done it again... This time we've created the highest fidelity reverb you've EVER heard. After months of research in our very own studio, we have created what must be the best emulation of an anechoic room... Unsurpassed realism, and a VERY clean sound based on our highest quality 128 bit algorithms...

Go fetch it, and marvel of the wonders we can offer you.

Get it here

- Bram, April 1st 2004 (08:46:44)

News :: Bram releases the s(M)exoscope

A waveform visualisation plugin with a few options and features...
Special thanks to Kerrydan for the docs and Sean for the GUI!

Go check it here

- Bram, December 4th 2003 (03:55:41)

News :: Ghent Sessions...

Abusing the mass-appeal powers of Smartelectronix: If you live in Belgium or anywhere near, check out

Next week there will be 3 days of laptop-jamming, followed by a concert (5 live gigs!!) in Ghent. You'd be mad not to go ;-)

Brothomstates, live (Warp Records)
Andreas Tilliander, live (Mille Plateaux)
Yasume, live (City Centre Offices)
Köhn, live (K-raa-K³)
Posthuman, live (local & upcoming talent)

Of course yours truely will be there, so here's your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a smartelectronix in Real Life!!!! ;-)

- Bram, October 19th 2003 (05:25:29)

News :: Bram releases SupaTrigga and a new version of Ivan

Ivan -the hacking slashing crazy plugin- has been updated (it has a lot more parameters now) and I've just released SupaTrigga, a buffer slicing and re-ordering tool...

Download them both here

- Bram, June 24th 2003 (06:01:11)

News :: New testimonial : Vert

Adam Butler, aka Vert, who mainly releases stuff on Sonig, has provided us with a short testimonial.

Check it out here

- Bram, June 19th 2003 (05:54:15)

News :: Jaha and PZX, an educational plugin...

In his free time Rob (a.k.a. Jaha) has been figuring out how exactly digital filters work, and in the process he has made a very interesting educational-type of plugin!
In this plugin you have a 2nd order filter (AKA Biquad...2 conjugate poles, 2 conjugate zeros). In the upper left you have a 2d representation of the z-plane. Click and drag the poles and zeros around to see the result...

Sounds complicated, but if you're learning about digital filters it's a great help and visualisation tool!!

Downwload PZX

- Bram, June 15th 2003 (03:51:57)