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Destroy FX Bio and personal news

Real name : Sophia Poirier and Tom Murphy 7
Location : United States
Bio : We are Sophia Poirier and Tom Murphy 7. We are buddies from back since grade school. We like to make music and, sometime around December 2000, making music software became a part of that process.

Our effects are pretty different from most effects out there. They are more like musical tools than sound enhancing tools. While they are effects, they can kind of be like instruments in an arrangement. The fact that some of our effects can be controlled by MIDI notes makes it especially obvious that these are very much musical tools. It's not likely that you'll ever use our plugins to "sweeten" a mix, but you might use them turn pianos into avalanches of wet bagels or turn a sneeze into a lush symphony, or accomplish a plethora of other such worthwhile tasks. Plenty of really fantastic software compressors, EQs, reverbs, and the like already exist, so we haven't been motivated to try creating any of those types of effects. Those are very important, but unusual ideas are what come more naturally to us.

For Sophia, most of her ideas come from working on songs. She will get stuck at some point, unable to achieve a certain sound or effect that she has in mind, and so she creates the tool to do it. Other times her ideas just come out of sonic experimentation, or by accident (like Buffer Override, for example). Tom gets most of his plugin ideas when he is falling asleep. Most of them are impossible to implement, or sound awful when he actually does implement them. But every once in a while one of them turns out to sound good!

Birthdate : 2000-12-15