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Magnus Bio and personal news

Real name : Magnus Jonsson
Location : Sweden
Bio : The black sheep of smartelectronix, trying to be even half as wicked as the other members:) I seem unable to keep away from the more traditional effects. To compensate this, I do my best to make them good and characterful. I think it's fair to say that while the effects are traditional, the hearts of them are not. I've been into music since i started playing piano at age 8, and into programming since the age of 12.
Birthdate : 1981-07-15

News :: MjCompressor update

New MjCompressor version for both Windows VST and Mac OS X VST. Attack and release are now separate controls, and there are some extra convenience parameters that allow for easy New York style compression. Get it here!

- Magnus, April 25th 2006 (09:33:22)

News :: MjHarmonicPingOnly ported to OS X VST and updated on Windows VST

MjHarmonicPingOnly is a just intonation percussive synth. Get it here. Changes from last version include better velocity response and easier tuning.

- Magnus, August 24th 2005 (06:05:40)

News :: MjCompressor ported to Mac OS X

I have ported MjCompressor to Mac OS X, following NyquistEq which I ported earlier. MjCompressor is a single band compressor with transparency and low pumping, due to reacting with varying speed as appropriate for the input frequency content. Get it here!

- Magnus, April 7th 2005 (12:03:46)

News :: MjCompressor for Mac OS X released!

- Magnus, April 6th 2005 (11:55:05)

News :: NyquistEq for OS X

Since I recently bought a nice little Mac Mini, I've started to port some of my plugins to OS X. First out is NyquistEq. Grab it here! It's a parametric graphic equalizer with an intuitive interface and an especially natural response in the treble and bass where many other digital eqs fall short.

- Magnus, March 25th 2005 (07:02:18)

News :: MjHarmonicPingOnly released!

Magnus has released MjHarmonicPingOnly, a new synth that lets you to explore just intonation and the harmonic overtone and undertone series. Get it here. As the name suggests, it bears some similarity to Bram's OnePingOnly. Hope you like it!

- Magnus, November 21st 2004 (10:08:54)

News :: Magnus releases NyquistEq

I just released NyquistEq which is a parametric, graphic equalizer with an intuitive graphical interface. The reason it's called NyquistEq is because it's the result of my efforts to create a filter that sounds good all the way up to the Nyquist frequency (if sampling rate is 44.1 kHz then nyquist is at 22.05 kHz). It also never clicks and it sounds good in the bass range too. Get it here!

- Magnus, June 27th 2004 (11:27:48)

News :: MjCompressor released!

Magnus releases a new windows vst plugin called MjCompressor. It is a single band compressor with the usual threshold, ratio, drive and release controls, BUT, what is cool about it is that it reacts dynamically to the frequency content of the input, giving a smoother sound.

- Magnus, June 19th 2004 (06:53:40)

News :: Magnus releases MjRotoDelay!

MjRotoDelay is a delay featuring tempo sync, modulation, bandpass filtering and stereo image transformations! This makes it a very versatile unit which can do everything from cozy analog delays to choruses that can fill the stereo image, flangers and lofi effects. It can even do some crazy pitch shifting if you set it up right!:)

Download it on this page!

- Magnus, November 30th 2003 (05:36:08)

News :: Magnus releases MjMultibandCompressor

MjMultibandCompressor is a four band compressor. Magnus usually tries to make original algorithms, and this plugin is no exception. It has a fast and musical response to fast attacks while at the same time not sounding too intrusive!
Other features:
* Listen to individual bands
* User choosable crossover filters

Right now it doesn't have a GUI, but Andreas has volunteered to make one of those lovely ioplong style GUIs for it!

Download it here!

- Magnus, November 14th 2003 (06:31:08)