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mdsp Bio and personal news

Real name : Remy Muller
Location : France
Bio :

Birthdate : 1980-05-13

News :: LiveCut and Fire now works as AU on MacIntel

- mdsp, October 26th 2006 (06:31:16)

News :: LiveCut 0.9 is out

direct route to the download page

new features:
  • Universal Binary
  • AudioUnit
  • VST 2.4
  • Fadein/Fadeout for declicking
  • Cut-aware BitCrusher
  • Cut-aware CombFilter
  • panning fixed

- mdsp, July 10th 2006 (06:04:54)

News :: Classic tools update: GUI + MacOSX port

All the classic tools are now available for both windows and macosx.
with a dedicated GUI.
And there's a new plugin: DuckVerb, similar as DuckDelay but with a reverb.

- mdsp, December 29th 2005 (07:05:55)

News :: AnalogDelay 1.0.1

Finally there is an update for AnalogDelay which is now donationware. It's still free and fully functionnal, but there is a nag screen on the GUI. if you make a donation for it I'll send you a version without the nag screen.
  • now every parameter is properly recalled when opening the GUI
  • knob mode is relative linear (no more annoyings jumps when editing the GUI)
  • sync button changes now properly updates the other value display and knob positions
  • changing the max delay now doesn't changes the delay unless the delay is higher than max delay
  • midi notes input no more changes the parameters
more infos ...

- mdsp, December 27th 2005 (01:03:31)

News :: Livecut 0.8 summer beta preview

due to high user demand I've decided to release a beta preview of Livecut for this summer. get it here.

- mdsp, July 23rd 2005 (09:52:13)

News :: Fre(a)koscope 0.8 public beta

Fre(a)koscope is an FFT-based real-time spectrum analyzer featuring:

lin/log/semitones/third-octave/Bark scales- window size selection
- frequency zooming
- freeze
- peak hold
- cursor information (amplitude+frequency)

- mel/Erb frequency scales
- spectrum averaging
- basic informations like spectral centroid, dominant pitch...

get it here

- mdsp, March 25th 2005 (01:58:57)

News :: new plugz and site update

- mdsp, January 15th 2004 (12:44:41)

News :: mdsp releases Analog Delay

a delay with lots of cool stuff like tempo-sync, saturation, lowpass, interpolation. Download it here!

- mdsp, July 31st 2003 (06:35:40)