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Competition goodies
Ooooh, ooooh, I want to win.

The Smartelectronix team is proud to present our first competition! With the help of some of our best friends we are able to hand out some incredible non-free software for free to the Lucky winners! :-)

The first competition's prizes are (in no particular order, one of each):

Fxpansion DR-008
Advanced Drum Sampler / Synthesizer:
"DR-008 is quite simply the most advanced and capable software drum module on the market. Its design and architecture is quite unique and puts it on a different level to other packages commonly regarded as being in the same class."

RGC Audio z3ta+
Waveshaping Synthesiser:
"RGC-Audio's award-winning Waveshaping Synthesizer. z3ta+ is their top-of-the line instrument, which extends the capabilities of their virtual analog synthesizers line by introducing their exclusive Bandlimited Waveshaping technology. As a complete instrument, z3ta+ is oriented to the professional musician and sound programmer looking for uncompromised sound quality and features."

Ohmforce Melohman
Unique synthesis monster:
"Symptohm: Melohman offers a palate like you have never encountered before, giving you the scope to create your own unique sound. From spectacular pads to heavy bass, unreal drumkits and strange ambient textures, your playing style will define your sound. Use the Melohman as an outrageously powerful modulation controller, or let it adapt itself to your playing style. Either way, you won't be able to keep your hands off it."

Native Instruments FM7
FM Synthesis, reborn:
"The FM7 takes the legendary sound of FM synthesis to a new level. Not only does the FM7 read the complete sound library from the classic FM synths, but it goes far beyond emulation. It adds distortion and filter operators, extensive modulation capabilities, a comprehensive effects section, audio input and much more to the traditional FM architecture. The user interface of the FM7 makes it comfortable and easy to explore the fascinating new possibilities of FM - Native style."

[darth]Join me![/darth].

To enter the competition first read the very specific rules and then fill in this form.