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George Yohng : Swingin' Smartelectronix

Swinging Smartelectronix is a track, that I have created just for fun...

Note, that Smartelectronix plugins I used - are TOTALLY USELESS for this style of music (except Magnus's verb). What I have done - was glueing track piece by piece, and you see - the sound quality is not the very top.

Tune consists of seven tracks, most of them are made with GalactiX, so here are per-track description:

Track 1, panned left, e-piano-style sound. Derived from GalactiX epiano preset, with filter turned way down and bandpass equalizer applied to cut away lows and highs.

Track 2, panned left, strings - derived from GalactiX magic string preset. again, dampened with EQ.

Track 3, panned right, strings - GalactiX magic string, played twice faster and octave upper, then pitched down

Track 4, panned center, bass, derived from GalactiX resonant bass preset. Compressed to have attack, and equed all HF away.

Track 5, same as Track1, panned right. (plays strumming)

Track 6, panned center, derived from dmiFlute. Some parts are unchanged, others (which sound low-pitched) are played high and then pitched down.

Track 7, panned center, brush drums! derived from raw data, plus fancy reverb settings and equalization to let bursts of noise sound drummish :)

(download this track)