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Competition Tracks
laurent PARANTHOEN : hexasmart

i used the wave files generated by Supaphaser 3, One ping only and Ambience opened in soundforge, then loaded them in Orion Platinum grooveslicer to cut them into small pieces..
The beat is made with the sound of the one ping Dll,
the bass with ambience Dll, and the melody is played from Orion sampler with Ambience dll sound too..
then the various click and noise came from Supaphaser and Ambience Dll too...
I use ambience as a reverb for beat and melody, and supaphaser a little bit on some noises..
A little bit of Orion native EQ and compressor here and there, and that's all....
The full track is only 8 samplers tracks sequenced in Orion piano roll.
The style ? i don't know, minimal noisy electro with an 80's touch..

(download this track)