Happy birthday to Alex

Competition Tracks
Knut Andreas Ruud : Smartelectronix gets lost in Upland

The sounds used in this track were taken from bouncy, transverb, ambience and anechoic room simulator. All the melodic elements (except for those weird bassy noises which were just found by chance in the raw sound data) come from the galactix vsti routed through the ambience plugin. Some of the rhytmic patterns were created by loading the raw sounddata into slifty and playing with it there. This was further demolished through the use of other Smartelectronix plugs. I used DC killers extensively during the whole process.

Will you e-mail any kind of verification when you have successfully downloaded the file? I've checked that the link works, but one never knows for sure as the server could be down at the exact moment when your bot is trying to fetch it.

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