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Competition Tracks
Steven West : The Tragic Deaths Of Insects

Drums = OnePingOnly being fed through H20, released for 'brush snare' type rolls
Bass = Galactix (Trance Lead)
Melody/Strings = Galactix (Melaren Pad) Being fed at times through Rez Synth, Bouncy, and DFX Buffer Override
'Bug Death' sounds = Raw PCM .wavs of converted DFX EQ Sync, Cyanide, Rez Synth, KT Granulator .DLL's. Many were effected through Iplongs Slifty, DFX Skidder, and Scrubby, and fed through varying amounts of Bouncy.
Snare Drum = Ambience Raw PCM converted .DLL

Song entirely arranged and produced on Orion Platinum 5.2 using only volume, EQ, and effect triggering control. Light mastering duties. MP3 conversion applied using WaveLab 4.0

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