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Competition Tracks
joseph : metrosmexual

great contest!
the bass is galactix through cyanide. kicks were created with dmi hammer, h20 and cyanide.
trying to make snares was the only time i really felt limited, i used the same procedure as for the kicks (with a shorted decay and a high pass instead of a low pass) and added data noise, then pitch shifted the resulting sound up a fifth for some parts and a whole octave for others (like for the 'think' parts). i ended up layering several different snares made in this way together and i'm pretty happy with the result.
some of the later kicks were also run through the polarizer and cyanide again.
all the highhats/percussion are also data noise.
i did the drum sequences in acid and then rendered sections and mangled them in audiomulch. these pieces were then cut up and the more interesting bits were reinserted into the original patterns. i did all the filter sweep type bits with cyanide, all the reverb bits with ambiance and all the pitch drops were trimmed out of supatrigger renders. the only 'effects' i used in acid were eq and some automated panning. i did mastering (compression and enhanced stereo seperation) in cool edit.
if anyone is fooled by my faux 'think' break, the 'aha' is pitch shifted .dll noise, not lynn collins. i promise.
i thought it was funny...

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