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Julien Neto (recording as Mondfabrik) : Dazed

Hi guys,

The whole track is based upon the use of chunks from the Smartelectronix plug-ins *.dll interpretated as raw, as wavetables. The only Smex VSti used is DMI Hammer.

-The pad :

The pad sound is based upon a chunk which comes from Supa Trigga's dll. It has been looped in the sampler of an old version of Aodix which had a convenient way of displaying waveforms, making it pretty easy to determine loop points on a very small piece of audio.

No enveloppe has been applied at this stage, just plain looping of the waveform.

The generated sound has been rendered and new loop points
have been set in an audio editor.

The pad has finally been loaded into a sampler, where the enveloppe has been set.

I have used Cyanide 2 for its filters to tame it a bit as well as supaphaser to add a bit of warmth to it.

The semi-granulated effect on it has been made using DFX's
buffer override.

-The dubby chords:

They derivate from the pad sound, except that the enveloppe has been set to perform in a more percussive way. Basically, the same effects as above have been used, but with different settings.

-The bass:

The bass is played by one instance of DMI hammer, slightly Eqed to make it rounder(using the native EQ from the sequencer).

-The harpsichord lead:

It also derivates from the main wavetable, but less filtering has been applied. It results in an overall "excited" sound.
It uses filtchspliffer at the end of the chain to strenghthen the excitement, using a very small buffer size.

-The kick drum:

It is once again a chunk from a Smex dll. This time it has been extracted from Cyanide in which I have came accros a pretty sinusoidal waveform. Of course, a very percussive volume/pitch enveloppe has been used to give it the typical 909 BD attack.


same process.

-Percussive hats:

Once again, the same process has been used, except that the waves originate from Bram's oscilloscope which produces very Alva Noto-ish sounds.

+The aux bus+

AUX2-Buffer Override+Transverb+Supaphazer
AUX3-Analog Delay
AUX4-Supa trigga happy...

Several instances of Remy's compressor have been used here in there to either enhance the volume or compress the signals. To sum up......nothing but smartex.

That's all, folks! At least all I can remember.



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