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Michael P. Goodman ( mpg~ ) : Cosmotronic Introduction

Originally it started as a loopy ambient piece using only SmEx VST instruments. Then I began importing RAW PCM data from the DestroyFX .DLL files. I then surgically sliced out interesting parts from the RAW PCM data that could be considered "rhythmic." From there, I put together some very rudimentary rhythms using those noisy files in FLStudio. Here is where the real fun comes in.... because I used Scrubby and Buffer Override (with some other small nuonces of mdsp's FFT "Kontrast") to mangle the "rhythmic" PCM data in all kinds of ways, while haphazardly adjusting the pitch on the source files, simultaneously. I recorded all of the output in Sound Forge in real-time.

From here, I surgically sliced out even more interesting elements. Every sound used, save the VSTi parts, came directly from the sequencing and effecting of the PCM data with DestroyFX plugins as well as the output from OnePingOnly. EVERY element (including that severely dope kick) was taken from the output, which ended up being a pair of 10-15 minute long incoherant noise rantings. I sliced out the best/useful parts and trashed the rest.

Then I sequenced all of the sounds in a way that felt good, gave it a nice 80s "Cruel Summer" sort of piano line (using dmi Hammer and dmi Flute) and use GalactiX with the Ambience reverb to create the soft atmospheric element.

That sums it up. There are more details which I can share later. I also have the intention of releasing a .ZIP file to you guys of all the sounds I used to create this track.

Thanks for such an interesting and enjoyable contest!



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