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Michael Durand : Bug It

How not to sound like Autechre using raw files as input:
-1st try : failed
-2nd try : failed
and so on...

Then I decided to have a method.

1 - I chose a few files among the bin files of smartelectronix, actually the 5 first ones in the alphabetic order.

2 - I tried different parameters for each one and I only stopped when something stroke me.

3 - I put the files in my sampler AND in my drum sequencer, so the same files are used for the beat and for the melodies.

4 - Mix up : the track begins with "Bouncy" making the beat and then I used dmiHammer (with H20 and Duck Delay) for the main theme.
One of the bin files sounds like a satured guitar, I'm surprised myself.
As I missed good basses with all this awfull sounds, I used galactik (with Analog Delay).
Finally, I took the theme from dmiHammer and used it with my "AnalogDelay" bin file samples. Sounds cool to me.
It seems simple when explained but it took me some time to do it!

Hope you'll like it and pardon my english!

(download this track)