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Competition Tracks
Remo Rickli : Flutigal (a flute kinda digital :-)

I have no clue what I was after, but this came out while fiddling with most of your plugins...

The drums are onepingonly through supaphaser.

Bass and Strings are from Galactix.

Melody Lines by dmihammer and dmiflute.

The weird sounds at the beginning are raw data of Ambience and dmi-
hammer mangled with Cyanide2, KT-Granulator and Crazy Ivan ( a 2nd onepingonly for additional mood).

SX2 automation used for fading and a bit of panning.

Send FX are Mj Roto Delay, Transverb, Analog Delay and Ambience.

For proper Mastering the Mj Multiband Compressor of course ;-)

So it's basically just 6 midi and 2 audio tracks...

(download this track)