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Competition Tracks
proem : proem - smexican standoff

little snipets from the plugnoise
dumped em all into flstudio and had my wicked way with them
excessive filters in use
i used a midi note controlled rez synth on the as well
and there was this little click at the endof one of the files
i forget which one
but it became the kick drum which is layered like four times
at different pitches and filtered with the stock flstudio SVP LPx2 filter
in order to get it bassy enough
this whole track is pretty much stock fruityloops studio
and of course smart electronix plugs

it was pretty fun though i might add
i cant imagine why i didnt think of loading plugins as raw audio previously,... but i will certainly be doing it again and again
cuz the textures were unusually crunchy
and stayed so even in soy milk

my track is only encoded at 192
for clarity and file size issues
i have a 320kbps mp3 of it
but it was 5.28mbs
what can you do?

(download this track)