shitload of aural plugins

Competition Tracks
psynus : still dope

Hardware: AMD XP2200+, 1GB Ram, M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96 soundcard
Sequencer: CubaseSX v.
Sample Player: NI Kontakt v.

one ping only - for the drums:
I used several instances of opo to "virtually" create multi outs. Loads of EQing, CYANIDE2ing and COMPRESSing to make it really kick.

galactix - for the bass line and the synth pad:
Took quite a while before I noticed that the mod wheel is attached to the "master cut". From that moment it was just a second to choose the "oboe synth" preset and to create those sweeping pad chords and and deep, long, single synth sounds (esp. intro). Btw, the "oboe synth" was used for the string sound starting at 0:12 min, too. The main bass is the heavily modified "Reso Bass". At 1:54/ 2:04 min you can hear a another bass sound. Don't know which preset I abused there.

dmiFlute - for the melodies:
:) Holy shh.... I love this sound. Great. But there are serious timing issues that forced me to bounce many parts over and over again, cut, paste and move 'em untill every note was (almost) there where I expected it to be. You can hear the "deep" flute as a sound effect at 0:20 min and 0:40 min. Obviously, this little bitch is really versatile. My only wish to the dmi crew: some velo sens (to control cutoff and vol) and some mod wheel action (for pitching) would be great. :)

dmiHammer - for the melodies, chords and stuff.
Actually the vsti I started with (even before adding the drums). The first bar of the track contains indeed the first notes I entered. I did not know which direction to go, so I made some variation bars, which finally went into the rest of the song. This chirping sound of the dmiHammer right in the beginning and at 1:45 min can be done by tuning the "resonators" in real time. Took much EQing, EQing, EQing before it fitted in the mix...

SMEX .dlls - effect sounds
They are present all the time. E.g. I created all those effect sounds (the whoom, whoosh, boom, crank, whirl, zapp & zipp stuff) by manipulating the "RAW PCM" data. The intro features some of those effects and you can find 'em at the beginning of almost every bar following the intro part. First, I converted the raw pcm data to .wav, loaded them into NI KONTAKT (the sample player) and used mad shifta as a real time filter plugin. Morever, I pitched, stretched, looped, reversed and cutted the .dll sounds whenever necessary. Besides, this is the moment to talk about the hihat sounds: Cut the raw pcm data into tiny pieces and keep the ones that sound like a hihat somehow (shorter ones for the closed hh and the longer ones for the open hh). Then try some EQing and filtering. Afterwards get drunk and use Cyanide2 on the first 10 ms to generate a crispy hihat attack and there you are...

SMEX Vst Fx:
Well, I used loads of them in every second of the track (e.g. dmiReverb, msDelay). Their big appearance starts at 1:54 min and ends at 2:15 min when the beat is getting a bit weird and naughty.I sampled some of the onepingonly drum sounds and added many different effects. As there are: mad shifta, KTgranulator, Cyanide2, dfx Geometer, dfx Transverb, dfx buffer override, flitchsplifter pp. Afterwards I reloaded those samples into Kontakt and built up an extra weirdo drum kit. SupaPhaser was involved too, when you listen to the phasing perc sound starting e.g. at 0:52 min. And so much more I have forgotten.

Big shouts to the whole SMEX posse...


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