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enon sci : Depressive Nae

Wow, I'm really dropping this in under the wire - I can feel the jaws closing on my ability to make this submission so I'm not sure how verbose to get. Well, maybe this much:

I started this track when the comp. was announced, but put off mastering it (and submitting) till today (6/17/04). ALL sound sources are RAW data with the exception of the bassy melody that comes in towards the latter half of the song (that's the d-hammer melodic percussion plugin). I'm a mac user, so this choice of going RAW for the majority of the composition was more necessity than anything else. I basically loaded TONS of raw data into audacity, clipped it into bits, and then loaded them into my battery-like program for cubase sequencing. I then exported my sequence with various destroyfx plugins on the master channel. Almost every sound, aside from the fairly raw RAW PCM tones that start the track, were gone over at least 3-4 times with various plugins (buffer and the pitch modulator that Sophia made, name of which escapes me [scrubby maybe], were in the majority).

My drums, especially the kick, were made by taking RAW data and putting a pitch envelope on it, much like the method of creating a kick drum out of a raw wave cycle (fast attack, medium decay, slight sustain and release, on the pitch of the noise). I was never happy with any of them, but they serve the purpose. The Hi-Q blips were clipped from a scrubby rundown.

All drums sequenced by hand, well mouse, in cubase SX 1 on a mac g4 powerbook, 867 with 1,024 mb of ram.

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