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Kerrydan : Modest Electronix

Submitted in the nick of time! (It's still June 17 on the westernmost coast of Canada!)

Here's a little piece of back-to-the-basics electro, played and recorded in one take with Plogue Bidule.

Electro drum sounds created courtesy of One Ping Only. Sequencing was carried out by Ioplong's Diquencer. True, this plugin is only in beta form right now and not available to all contestants, but seeing as how other DAWs like Cubase or Cakewalk all have access to complex MIDI sequencing/arpeggiators, I reasoned that using an unreleased SmEx plugin to add similar sequencing capability to Bidule wouldn't be -too much- against the rules. :-)

The drum sounds were then split into two channels. The main one was chopped and diced by SupaTrigga before being compressed through Magnus' Multiband Compressor. The secondary channel was fed into SupaPhaser before being mixed in with the first.

The vocal samples* were sequenced and played back by Ioplong's Slifty. For the latter half of the track, the vox samples were fuzzed up a little by Cyanide, then delayed and otherwise manipulated by KTGranulator. All tweaking to KTGran was done in realtime as the song played.

Finally, Bram's H2O compressor was inserted over the entire mix to crank up the overall volume and even out the dynamics a little.

*Yes, I understand that using vocal samples are toeing the line a bit in regard to the rules. But hey... it -IS- undeniably 100% SmartElectronix sounds, after all! ;-)

I'm willing to accept whatever consequences this may bring, but the track was just too much fun to make and I couldn't resist teasing Mr. de Jong a little. So I had to submit it.


(download this track)