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Competition rules
[dredd]I am the law![/dredd]

  1. Read the rules carefully. If something isn't obvious, or you have questions/remarks go to our KVR forum and let us know!
    Failure to comply with any of the following rules will result in automatic disqualification, and you don't get a second chance!

  2. Only plugins from Smartelectronix members can be used. Make sure you've got ALL our plugins. You can do this by having a look at this list. From there you can easily surf to all the member pages.

  3. The only audio source materials that you are allowed to use in your songs are the data of the Smartelectronix plugins themselves, opened in your favorite audio editor as RAW PCM data. Of course you can also use the synthesizers from various members. You can use the synths either as sound generators (for example GalactiX, OnePingOnly, DmiFlute, ..) or of course imported as RAW PCM.

    We can hear you thinking "huh", so let us explain: try importing the plugin files you find on Smartelectronix in your favorite sound editor as "RAW PCM" data. Yes, we know, it sounds ear-tearing and jaw-breaking, but look close and you might find some hidden gems!
    If you use a Mac, please feel free to load the Windows binaries in your favorite editor, too (Sophia / Destroy FX tells us they might sound better since the image resources are incorporated into Windows executables, whereas they are separate with the Mac bundles).

    If your editor can't open files as raw PCM data, try the "import raw data" feature in Audacity or the "open any" and then "header change" features in SoundHack. For more details on how you can do this in Audacity, have a look at this page.
    We made some examples for you so you see what we're getting at.

  4. You are allowed to pitch/stretch/cut the samples, use some basic DAW functionality like EQ and compressors.... You can use basic tools like a sampler to play back the sounds, loop them, ...

  5. There are no rules for musical style, but while writing your song, try to think along the lines that you are writing about "the sound of Smartelectronix". We're a VERY heterogeneous bunch of people, so no matter what you write, there will be ONE of us who likes it. Pop, hardcore, ambient, noise, electro, ... please surprise us :-)

  6. Your song cannot be longer than 3 minutes.

  7. To apply:
    • encode your song in either mp3 or ogg, please no files larger than 5MB.
    • upload your song somewhere easily reachable on the web.
    • fill out this form.
    • [optional, but we'd like it!] add some some information of how you created the track. We're interested in the juicy details!

  8. Only one entry per person.

  9. The competition ends on the 17th of june, 2004 after which the winners will be selected by the Smartelectronix crew.

  10. Winners will be asked to send a NON-COMPRESSED version of the file on CD-ROM to Bram @ Smartelectronix. We are looking into the option of making a CD compilation : "the sound of Smartelectronix".
    Of course the authors will retain the copyrights to their own songs. What we require from you is a non-exclusive, unlimited, and transferable license to use and publish the song. If you don't like this, don't enter the contest!!! (but seriously, wouldn't you like to be on a Smartelectronix CD compilation?? ;-) )
    We'd also love for the winners to show us exactly how the track was made! Perhaps we could even make a tutorial/showcase about it on Smartelectronix.

  11. Some of the members of Smartelectronix will join the competition, just for fun. Of course we can't win anything.

  12. Playing back raw binary files is a dangerous thing. Smartelectronix is not responsible for possible loss of hearing or damage to speakers or other equipment. Advice : use DC-killers and high-freq rolloff in your DAW. You could perhaps try Koen's KTAudioHealer, a plugin especialy made for this purpose. You can find it here.