forget the man and just say FSU

Links by Bram : Designer friend of mine, have a look at his portfolio and be amazed! : Audiomulch, one of my favorite modular VST hosts... : electronic gigs organised by me and some friends! have a look! : The Mother of all search-engines! : The best VST resources site you'll find anywhere within 250km. : Music & Audio on Macintosh : Bidule, one of my favorite modular VST hosts... : re-invigorate: superb realtime trafic monitoring for your website. And free too! : Superb electronic music community and electronic music resource, go check it out!! : Beautiful Pictures from a Good Man, worth plenty more than a cursory read & look.

Links by Destroy FX : Tom's album-a-day project. Write, record, mix, and post-produce an album all in one day! : Music that Tom made.

Links by dmi : PlanetCCRMA- Good linux audio stuff : NBM-home of studioverb and grenade : Sound on Sound Magazine : Build yourself a knob box or SID synthesizer!

Links by dunk : Computer Music magazine's online forum : I love EnergyXT. : Web design extraordinaire and a lot lot more! :-) : CM mag's website - loadsa useful info. : UK warm electronica events : Tobybear makes great and mad plugins. : Record label specialising in electronica, soundscape and cinematic releases.

Links by ioplong : Loads of great stuff !! check out the DR-008 if you havent yet!

Links by Koen : pictures of abandoned buildings... : electro fun by John B : creators of the MIDI tempo-tracking system InTime

Links by mdsp : columbiatwo - electronic music : freesoftware @ ircam: jMax, OpenMusic ... and a mirror of planet CCRMA, a bunch of rpm dedicated to audio on linux : : romain kronenberg - music and sound installations : my homepage at ircam : nick collins the author of BBCut!! : : french label : krayola records - creative commons label : another friend of mine : Niall Moody's home, vst plugins and many more programs with lots of open source code : : the DAFX book web page with audio algorithms in Matlab

Links by Sean : my band. :) : good site for free/shareware plugins... : some good ultra tech design for different uses.... : news on all sorts of music things, software, hardware, instruments. : glitchy break beaty noisy fun. autechre can kiss his black ass. : some quiet electonic music from dc

Links by the smartelectronix team : Are you a Guitar Gear Head??