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Greg Davis
who are you?

my name is greg davis. musician/composer.
i am currently living in chicago, illinois, USA.
my web site is here:

on what records/releases have you used smartelectronix software?

i've used smart electronix plugs on my 'arbor' album. also on some compilation tracks too. i also love to use the plugins in live situations to process sounds in realtime and create textures.

in what ways do you use our plugins?

i love to use audio to trigger random parameter values of the plugin in max/msp. you get really nice unpredictable changing processing sounds. i love to freak em out. my favorite plugin to use live right now is dfx scrubby. randomize all of the parameters pretty quickly and you get some great unpredictable sounds......

what do you think about smartelectronix software/mentality?

the plugins are great because they aren't the same old kinds of plugins (DSP) that you always see. they are twists and variations on old classics. great because the plugins are free. and funny graphics and stuff.

what kind of things would you like to see in the future from smartelectronix?

lots of weird strange plugins. definitely more FFT/spectral based plugins. please port more cool vst plugins from PC to mac.