Happy birthday to Alex

Kim Cascone
who are you?

I am a composer of computer music who works in Max/MSP...all of my development and performance work takes place in this being a computer musician I rely very heavily on my software to help me explore new sound territories...

on what records/releases have you used smartelectronix software?

I've used dfx plugs on Anti-Correlation, blackCube( ) most extensively but many compilation tracks also make use of them...

in what ways do you use our plugins?

mostly for developing a library of soundfiles which I then use in my Max/MSP patch...

what do you think about smartelectronix software/mentality?

it's fuct up...and that's a compliment!

what kind of things would you like to see in the future from smartelectronix?

more stuff like Geometer...stochastic waveform generators etc.

do you know any other artists that use our software?

not off hand...most people don't go around talking about the plugs they's sorta like a white-label thing...