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Kevin Rossiter
Who Am I?

Kevin Rossiter - Award winning video producer, soundtrack writer, and moderator at the KvR, the world's leading music plug-in website.

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Why Am I Here?

I wanted to tell you how at KvR we've seen smartelectronix grow into something quite unique over the years.

It started a while back with a few coders who knew each other and swapped ideas, to currently a cooperative of 11 developers producing a whole range of great and weird fx, synths, slicers, granulators, reverbs, sequencers, instruments, filters, designs and hosts for the computer music scene.

KvR think highly of the Smartelectronix Team, so much so that we've given them their own public forum at our site.

In this way we can help bring users and the smartelectronix team even closer together to discuss new ideas and help solve problems.

Who uses smartelectronix?

I would hate to say how many users of smartelectronix software there are now, but tens of thousands would probably not be an exaggeration.

How many hit records they've been on, again I couldn't say, but if you look at almost any computer musician's fx list, well, you'll see a smartelectronix product in there, guaranteed.

What do we think of smartelectronix mentality?

KvR has always been a natural haven for developers who want to talk to their users. Part of the phenomenal growth in KvR as the world's leading VSTi website is down to the devs who come and listen to what musicians want.

Smartelectronix fit right into this successful pattern.

They're ready and willing to help people get over their teething troubles with a plug-in. I've had this experience myself, where I was stuck with a gate effect. Help was forthcoming in less than 12 hours.

At the same time, smartelectronix have their ears to the ground, listening out for what users want, and then going out and building it.

This is exactly what the VSTi scene needs.

At KvR we hear too many complaints from users of "big company" software not getting support, not getting their ideas listened to, and so on.

Why use smartelectronix software?

You're going to get something different. You're going to be able to create sounds that no one else has ever heard before.

And you can do it all for free or at very low cost!

By the way, free or low cost doesn't mean give-away or throw-away. It simply means you have an opportunity to be more original and creative without having to spend big bucks.

The real cost of smartelectronix software is what it will cost you in time and patience to get to know their plugs properly and discover new sounds.

The real cost is your time.

Which is very fair, since all the devs at smartelectronix have put in a lot of their time in bringing new plugs to your PC!

What would I like to see more of from smartelectronix in the future?

Build on their success by listening to even more users.

We all know that the best software comes from devs with ideas listening to users with ideas. This is the way forward.

And while users can come up with crazy or seemingly impossible ideas, a smart developer will know how to take the bones of these ideas and translate them into something workable, that many people will want to use.

I'd like to see smartelectronix get bigger, attract more developers, be more successful, and become one of those second-nature sites to go to on the web.