Happy birthday to Alex

who are you?

kptmichigan (aka michael beckett)
new album: player, player (aesthetics)

on what records/releases have you used smartelectronix software?

just on player, player. new album in the works called mountain musics (got the musics bit from you guys, so it's not just the plug ins which are inspiring), about 2/3 finished (inc desFX).
also working on an album with köhn. will come out on aesthetics next year and is 1/4 finished (will also feat. destroy fx)

in what ways do you use our plugins?

no idea, just to elegantly fuck up stuff. always good to create a valentineesque wash of sound. mostly on guitars and vocals.

what do you think about smartelectronix software/mentality?

hmmmmm. i love em but they tend to confuse me sometimes. the newer ones tend to be a bit too complicated/takes a while to figure them out. definately the best stuff money can't buy.

what kind of things would you like to see in the future from smartelectronix?

a plug in which inverts the frequencies (like a photo negative). also i'd like to see you guys get rich and receive all the props you deserve and a marm and toc album on which there isn't a single computer used.
also (i don't know if it's your guys plug in), a new h2o (the big muff of compressors) with distortion and features to fuck everything up even more.

do you know any other artists that use our software?

i know that schneider tm would like to use them but he can't install them, hahahaha. and köhn but you probably know that already.