Happy birthday to Alex

who are you?

Adam Butler, aka Vert. I mainly release stuff on Sonig.

on what records/releases have you used smartelectronix software?

I've got a new album - Small Pieces Loosely Joined - coming out in June, and it's got destroyfx stuff all over it. Also pretty liberal use of dmiHammer...

in what ways do you use our plugins?

Usually in Audiomulch to design and destroy sounds, plugging a few of my favourites together and tweaking manically. Or sometimes as inserts in Logic with masses of automation. Also I've been using them live a lot recently - playing piano through them and controlling parameters with a foot pedal.

what do you think about smartelectronix software/mentality?

I like the way you all make great software! I like the way you recruit people who are already making great software (like dmi and now mdsp). I guess we just share the same taste... a rare balance of mayhem and quality.

what kind of things would you like to see in the future from smartelectronix?

More, more, more... just keep on surprising me.

do you know any other artists that use our software?

Everyone, surely? I'm pretty sure that Mouse on Mars do - in fact I think most people on Sonig.