Happy birthday to Alex

who are you?

on what records/releases have you used smartelectronix software?

several. consciously i've used the destroy fx and bram plugins on several recent remixes (merzbow, themselves, etc...). but more often i use them when i play live. i have the entire smartelectronix suite installed on my laptop! i'm also using several on this collaborative project i'm doing with german psych-nonsense legends faust. i find they lend to a certain wanted mayhem that i can't get with other plugins.

in what ways do you use our plugins?

i'm into randomly automating the parameters in the sound-design stage of making a piece of music. i do this in max-msp. rarely do i use them as sends.

what do you think about smartelectronix software/mentality?

i like the community/freeware/open source aspect. a lot. you tend to have a... sense of humor about dsp. which is necessary for coming up with new ideas.

what kind of things would you like to see in the future from smartelectronix?

more nonsense-oriented plugins (i.e. crazy ivan, transverb). more os x (both vst and au). less utility, more MANGLE.

do you know any other artists that use our software?

greg davis, i believe. i know some of the schematic stable do (otto, dino). and a lot of young producers whom i've tipped off to the free & odd aspect of them.